Running During a Pandemic

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  I have to admit, I got race withdrawals in late March and early April, because I had some planned races and planned pacing gigs, but they did not happen.  I got over it quickly, because I realize those are just de minimus problems compared to what others may be going through. 

Yeti Ultra 24-Hour Challenge (A Virtual Race)

I finished my #YetiUltra24HourChallenge today! I haven’t done something like this format before. The challenge involves running 5 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours. Your route, your start time.  It’s a virtual race given we are currently in a pandemic and all races have been canceled at least through July. I met some Yeti

LA Marathon 2020

About less than a month after my first 100-mile race, I participated in another race at L.A. Marathon!  It was different this year, I opted for a slow run, doing a food and drink tour with my sister and her friends. We were afraid that the race might get canceled given the start of Coronavirus

Leading the Blind

I met some people from the Achilles group back when I ran Jackpot Ultra a few weeks ago.  They told me that there are chapters in other cities so I checked out our San Francisco/ Bay Area chapter and joined them this morning on the Embarcadero.  This was my first time guiding a blind runner

Jackpot Ultra Running Festival

I got a buckle! I finished my first 100-mile race at Jackpot Ultrarunning Festival. I registered for the 48-hour race with a goal of finishing 100 miles since I did not finish Javelina back in October.  This is a flat 2.5 mile course in a park in Henderson, NV (near Las Vegas), on part paved,