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#LimitlessChallenge Virtual Racing: 1 week of Vertical Climbing

Yesterday, I completed the #LimitlessChallenge.  This was a week-long vertical challenge endurance adventure, ran by Aravaipa Running / Run Steep Get High team in Arizona.  For 7 days, participants test their limits by reaching any of the 6 levels of heights, representing the elevation of different mountains (and the Empire State Bldg, for Level1).  You

Running During a Pandemic

Happy Cinco De Mayo!  I have to admit, I got race withdrawals in late March and early April, because I had some planned races and planned pacing gigs, but they did not happen.  I got over it quickly, because I realize those are just de minimus problems compared to what others may be going through. 

Leading the Blind

I met some people from the Achilles group back when I ran Jackpot Ultra a few weeks ago.  They told me that there are chapters in other cities so I checked out our San Francisco/ Bay Area chapter and joined them this morning on the Embarcadero.  This was my first time guiding a blind runner

Volunteering at NFEC in Marin Headlands

I volunteered at the North Face Endurance 50 mile/ 50k race in Marin Headlands today, since I am not in training mode at this time.  I like working at the Tennessee Valley aid station because it is visited by runners a few times.  I have a few friends who ran this race so I looked

Why do I want to run a hundred miles?

People think I am crazy when I run my ultra-races, my colleagues and non-runner friends do not understand why I do this.  I run because it gives me time to reflect and listen to my thoughts, especially when I run alone.  It also helps me connect with like-minded people when I run in a group,