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The Road to 100

I may have officially gone crazy.  I registered for my first 100-mile trail race.  It will be Javelina Jundred, this October, in Fountain Hills, Arizona (near Scottsdale).  I never said I was not going to do one, I kept the option open.  Now that I have completed my triathlon race this year, I’m ready to

In the Still of the Night – Pacing at Headlands Hundred

“Crazy” is an understatement for anyone running 100 miles or more. Pacing at Headlands Hundred was my first time pacing at a 100 mile race, through the night and early morning. I have a LOT of respect for all those who do these kinds of race.  My friend whom I paced, made it through the night.  We passed/overtook 10

Training & Taper Time! 3/25 to 4/1/13

Monday (3/25) – Pilates mat class – 60 minutes Tuesday (3/26) – lap swim at the gym Wednesday (3/27) – ran at noontime near the office – 3.6 miles Thursday (3/28) – ran at noontime near the office – 3.6 miles Since this is Holy Week, and Thursday is the start of the Triduum, I

Training for week-ending 3/24/13

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I was at a conference in Las Vegas.  They had a fitness center at the hotel, and I could have woken up earlier each morning to run outside… but I did not do such things.  Instead, I participated in the after-hours cocktail events sponsored by the Conference organizers and/or their

Training for week-ending 3/10/13

Monday – Pilates mat class 60 minutes. Tuesday – Ran at lunch time around Los Altos neighborhood near work, total 4.5 miles.  There was something burning up in the hills; then while I was running, fire trucks came rushing down the streets.  The weather was nice, so I had a nice and easy 4.5 miles