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Crystal Falls trail

The last time I ran on this trail was in February 2021, and there were some construction going on but the trails were still intact.  Today, there were more construction and the beginning of the trail was closed, but we were able to get through. I’m documenting this route here so that I can go

Running in Marin Headlands… Good to be back!

I’m amazed with what the human body can do. Many of my friends know that I run ultra-distances. Well, I have crazier friends who push their bodies’ limits. This past weekend, I helped my friend complete her ‘practice, supported’ 150 mile run/hike through the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, CA. It was a wonderful experience. We

Desert Training

I had an awesome 20-mile training run in the desert today!  I know in order for me to complete Javelina, I need to train in the desert.  My sister lives in Las Vegas, so I visited her this weekend, and ran with her trail friends (now my friends too, sort of).  We had a zombie

The Road to 100

I may have officially gone crazy.  I registered for my first 100-mile trail race.  It will be Javelina Jundred, this October, in Fountain Hills, Arizona (near Scottsdale).  I never said I was not going to do one, I kept the option open.  Now that I have completed my triathlon race this year, I’m ready to

In the Still of the Night – Pacing at Headlands Hundred

“Crazy” is an understatement for anyone running 100 miles or more. Pacing at Headlands Hundred was my first time pacing at a 100 mile race, through the night and early morning. I have a LOT of respect for all those who do these kinds of race.  My friend whom I paced, made it through the night.  We passed/overtook 10