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Training for week-ending 3/3/13

It’s March!  I have a little over 1 month left for training (AR 50 is 5 weeks from this Saturday 3/2/13)!  I don’t feel as exhausted as I was last year around this time, when I was training for this.  That could only mean two things:  (1) I’m well trained and ready or almost there,

Training for week-ending 2/24/13

Monday – TRX boot camp.  The regular instructor was not around, so the substitute provided a different touch to TRX boot camp.  Shauna, the sub instructor, had 6 different stations: (1) TRX suspension, where we do squats and arm pulls (I don’t know the terminology), (2) Lunges with lifts, (3) holding a plank and rocking

Training for week-ending 2/17/13

Once again, I have ended this week on Sunday 2/17, instead of ending the week on Saturday 2/16 (and starting on Sunday 2/10).  This is my training, so I make the rules.  I’m getting lazy writing up paragraphs so here is training this past week: Monday – Pilates mat class 60 minutes. Tuesday – Track

Training for week-ending 2/10/13

I keep on ending my weeks on a Sunday, but on my training calendar, I count Sunday as the first day of the week.  It is just much easier to quantify my mileage by counting 2 consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday on the same week, making Sunday the last day, so I continued to do

Training for week-ending 2/3/13

For this week, I went to Podium (lap) swim on Wednesday, completing about 1500 yards total.  We timed our 100 yds again this week.  Two weeks ago, my 100 yds were: 2:18, 2:25, 2:30, 2:37.  This past Wednesday, surprisingly, my 100s were as follows:  2:09, 2:18, 2:25, 2:29.  I’m improving, but what I have learned is