Training for week-ending 3/10/13

Monday – Pilates mat class 60 minutes.

Tuesday – Ran at lunch time around Los Altos neighborhood near work, total 4.5 miles.  There was something burning up in the hills; then while I was running, fire trucks came rushing down the streets.  The weather was nice, so I had a nice and easy 4.5 miles in 42 minutes.

Wednesday – TRX class, 60 minutes.

Thursday – I did an early morning spin class for 60 minutes.    After work, I got a 60 minute massage.  Nice.

Friday – Rest.

Saturday – While I had some friends running Way Too Cool 50k in the Sacramento area on this day, Amy and I ran 32 miles with 3100 ft total elevation gain, total run time 6:20, total time 7:00; I think that’s way too cool.  Wow, that sounds like another 50K PR (a little bit longer than a 50k)!  Isa joined us after 15 miles, then Kathy came by and ran with us for the last 4 miles.  We divided the run into 3 parts:  15.5 miles, 12.5 miles then 4 miles.  During the breaks, I had some boiled salted potatoes, which were in my car.  During the run, I had some honey stinger chomps, beef jerky nuggets, and salted bread sticks with a bit of a garlic flavor, but not overwhelming.  After the second leg, my left knee starting feeling pain, it was not that bad but I felt it a lot more when going downhill.  Maybe it is just the wear and tear from many years of running (10 years!).  I hope this knee holds up for another month and till after AR 50…

Sunday – Recovery run at Stanford Dish, 5.5 miles for 1 hour.  I still felt a bit of a dull pain on my left knee whenever I ran downhill at the dish.  The dish had many rolling hills, so it was still a good recovery run.

It’s about 4 weeks till AR 50!