Mr. Oatmeal and his 50 mile run

I just had to share this blog, from this guy who calls himself Mr. Oatmeal (his real name is Matthew Inman, I had to google him).  I have never heard of him till now, but apparently he created this website (in 2009) where he features comic drawings and writes blogs about anything and everything. He has also written and published funny books.  He has an online store, too, for paraphernalia related to his interests (for some reason, I saw a lot of Sriracha-related goods).  Anyway, I mentioned him because his blog about ultra-running was recently shared to me by a friend, so I wanted to share it to others as well.  I want to give you fair warning, this blog is a little bit obnoxious and might be offensive for others, but ultimately hilarious!

He shared his experience about his first ultra-marathon, 50 miles of running with 17,000 feet elevation gain, snowy terrain at the top, and he finished in 11 hours.  Ah-maze-ing!