Training for Week-ending 3/17/13

This is a late post, I haven’t had time to update my training log but I have to do it so I can compare to last year’s training.

Monday – Forced rest.  I’m not injured, but I had to spend time with Andy and do his activities.  Sometimes, in order to get agreement from your significant other, there are some sacrifices that I need to do so that he can still accept my absence in the weekends, while running.

Tuesday – Track workout.  I warmed up for about a half mile before the actual workout.  For the workout, we ran 10x400m, and surprisingly I did each 400m in about 1:40 to 1:50!

Wednesday – Since I got to the gym early, I swam first for 15 minutes, completing 500 yards. Then, I took the TRX Boot Camp 60 minutes class.  The original instructor is back, so we did the workout his way.  That class kicked my butt; instead of 20 reps I only did 15 reps so that I can catch up with everyone else.  The instructor had us do cardio in between sets, running outside around the gym building.  I felt my legs being tired during those cardio runs.

Thursday – I got a massage for 90 minutes.  I was going to run at lunch but my legs were so tired and sore, I just had to rest.

Friday – TRX suspension 60 minute class.  As if I didn’t get enough torture from the Wednesday class.

Saturday – I skipped the run, I had to take care of the dogs since we are one parent down today.

Sunday – 19 miles, Almaden Quicksilver trail run sponsored by Loren and Jill, with 3400 feet of total elevation gain.  It’s a new park and set of trails that I have never been to before, and it had amazing views and historical content.  It was a great run to end that week.