Training for week-ending 3/24/13

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I was at a conference in Las Vegas.  They had a fitness center at the hotel, and I could have woken up earlier each morning to run outside… but I did not do such things.  Instead, I participated in the after-hours cocktail events sponsored by the Conference organizers and/or their vendors.  At least I met a lot of people, fellow leaders in Internal Audit, whom I can contact in the future if I need any assistance.

I’m back in the bay area on Thursday, and yet I skipped a workout.   My flight came in late on Wednesday, or should I say early Thursday morning.  My flight was delayed so I did not arrive into SFO until 12:30am.  I was very tired on Thursday and needed more rest time, so I decided to skip the run or bike or swim.

On Friday, to make up for the lack of workouts and runs for the week, I woke up early and did the spin class at the gym at 6am.  It felt good, but a little difficult; I stuck through it till the end of class.  After work, I was still feeling good so I decided to go for a short run at Stanford Dish.  I ran a total of 4 miles, still felt good, but was running slower than usual.  However, I rolled my left ankle when I ran over some small pot hole or crack (or something!) on one part of the dish, but it was fine.  On Saturday, I planned to join the NTTS for the Redwood Shores swim, but I was taking so long getting ready, well I was really taking my time, so I decided to do lap swim at the gym instead.  I ended up swimming 1300 yards and spent an hour in the pool area.  Finally, on Sunday, I ran up Edgewood Park, running through some of the trails inside the park, and popping out to Canada Road.  On Canada Road, I ran south to Woodside then back to the corner of Edgewood.  At that point, I met up with Sopheak and her crew, where they were doing a brick workout.  I joined Sopheak for her 3 mile run (when she got off her bike).  For today, Sunday, I ran a total of 16 miles, partially on trails and road.

It is 2 weeks till AR 50!