Phase 3 – Rehab for the Foot

Last Wednesday, my doctor cleared me to start weight-bearing on my left foot. It was tough at first – I couldn’t stand on my own, so I got a cane to help me walk. Working from home this week, I used my scooter to get to the kitchen quickly during breaks between conference calls. But I walked as much as I could. Yesterday, after spinning, I even swept and mopped the entire house! Why pay someone else when I can get exercise by doing it myself? So, as of this past Wednesday, I’m a happy camper again.

It wasn’t always this good, though. The recovery process required patience and mental fortitude. I thought I had developed mental toughness from ultra running, but this was different. Throughout this recovery from surgery, I had an emotional and mental rollercoaster of ups and downs. The irony is that running, which usually relieves my stress and brings me joy, is what led me to this injury. Fortunately I only experienced a minor version of what others go through.

During my recovery, I took part in a 22-day push-up challenge to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention and honor our military service members. I started on Memorial Day and am almost done. Supporting military causes is important to me, as my husband, his father, and his brothers all served in the military (Navy). Though my push-ups weren’t perfect, I gave it my best.

Now, it’s the start of Phase 3 – Rehab. Training started this weekend, and I’ll keep getting stronger, rebuilding strength, muscles, and endurance. Patience is still required, but I’m ready.


Sharing a few pictures of the journey:

Collage of the recovery phase

More from recovery. I found solace in spending few minutes on the back patio for fresh air… until the mosquitoes started feasting on me!

Just got back from doctor visit, trying to walk using my scooter as support.

Grocery shopping using the cripple cart

More cripple cart shopping. Our grocery shopping days were the highlight of my week :)

I swam today! Day 2 of training and back on my feet again.

Push up challenge

My cane!