Training for week-ending 3/3/13

It’s March!  I have a little over 1 month left for training (AR 50 is 5 weeks from this Saturday 3/2/13)!  I don’t feel as exhausted as I was last year around this time, when I was training for this.  That could only mean two things:  (1) I’m well trained and ready or almost there, or (2) I’m not training enough this year.  I don’t know the answer to that, but I will not stress out about it at this time.  I will continue with the plan.

Monday – Pilates mat class 60 minutes.

Tuesday – Slow recovery run near the office, with Loretta and Caroline.  Total 3.5 miles, approx 45 minutes total, including stops.

Wednesday – Rest.  Although I didn’t get to run or do any type of training, I was able to do training for my soul.   Since it is the Lenten season, I attended an evening mass with the Sacrament of Reconciliation after mass.  I still felt good and enriched in my soul.

Thursday – Ran 4.5 miles at lunch time near the office.  It was a hot day, but I managed to do this run in 42 minutes and have a little time to spare to quickly eat my lunch.

Friday – Rest.  I would have ran at lunch, even a short distance, but I forgot my running clothes and shoes.  I promised Andy that we will go out tonight, so I cannot really do any workout tonight.  Oh well, it is a forced rest day…

Saturday – Woodside King’s Mountain Half Marathon – I parked outside Huddart Park at the Woodside Elementary School, then ran into the park.  I added 4 miles total to today’s run (2 miles out then 2 miles back).   Unfortunately, the “half marathon” race portion was only 9.5 miles.  I ran another mile inside the park before I decided to just run back to my car.  I felt like I was cheated since it was not a full 13.1 miles and they called the race a “half marathon.”  After all this morning running, I ended up running a total of 14.5 miles.

Sunday – I got up a little later than I wanted to, so I decided to run on the road from home.  I managed to run a total of 13 miles.

Not bad for a week’s worth of training!