Training for week-ending 2/24/13

Monday – TRX boot camp.  The regular instructor was not around, so the substitute provided a different touch to TRX boot camp.  Shauna, the sub instructor, had 6 different stations: (1) TRX suspension, where we do squats and arm pulls (I don’t know the terminology), (2) Lunges with lifts, (3) holding a plank and rocking back and forth, with feet on the TRX suspended thingy, (4) holding and “drumming” motion on these heavy ropes then halfway thru we switch to jump rope, (5) triceps push-ups then mountain climbers, (6) side to side step while holding down this 3 lb (for me I can only do 3 lb) pole.  We repeated this routine 3 times, but after the second time, we did a little bit of cardio before starting the 3rd round.  The next day, after this workout, my legs were pretty sore; I think I did too much cardio on consecutive days.  I did this workout to make up for the run I missed on Saturday, to spend time with Andy and the dogs, and clean up the yard.

Tuesday – Rest.  My legs were tired and a little bit sore from the long run on Sunday and the boot camp on Monday.

Wednesday – short swim 30 minutes, 800 yds total, including rest times; short run 3.1 miles for 28 minutes

Thursday – Rest.  I went to Sports Basement, because the website says that Thursday February 21 was one of the packet pick-up days for Norcal Half.  They changed that website at 6pm on Thursday, when I was already there.  Apparently there was also an email that came out, at 6 pm, showing the correct schedule.  I went shopping instead, for my nutrition needs.

Friday – Rest.  I need the strength for back-to-back running this weekend.

Saturday – 50k Lake Chabot Trail Race by Inside Trail Racing (see separate race report, East Bay race weekend).

Sunday – Norcal Half Marathon (see separate race report, East Bay race weekend).