Running in Marin Headlands… Good to be back!

I’m amazed with what the human body can do. Many of my friends know that I run ultra-distances. Well, I have crazier friends who push their bodies’ limits.

This past weekend, I helped my friend complete her ‘practice, supported’ 150 mile run/hike through the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, CA. It was a wonderful experience. We laughed, we cried, we ate, we hiked. Car-camping and RV-ing is also fairly new to me, so many learnings there as well. I will stop at 100 miles, but I will continue to support my friends who want to go farther, as they are my inspiration to push myself, and have higher goals, in both running and life, in general.

It has only been almost 6 months since we left CA, and I am back visiting again.  I really miss the mountains.  I miss having to go outside my front door to run to the trails with challenging inclines, and a place where I can do hill repeats.  While I do miss running in lush forests and the woods, I have no regrets.  Here in Texas, I have new and different challenges – the trails are full of rocks!  Running here will hopefully make me stronger.

I enjoyed the mini run-cation; loved spending time with my trail sisters; brought back memories of our early morning weekday and weekend runs along the Peninsula.  But I am also happy to be back in Central Texas, and start exploring more of my local trails.