Ragnar Relays Texas Trail Ultra Edition – 2023

This race was a fantastic weekend of camping, bonding with friends, and tackling long distances in the beautiful Texas hill country!  The ultra edition of Ragnar relays consist of a four-person ultra team (+1 sub for an injury) covered 120 miles (total) in an intense 26-hour adventure.

It was a fun but crazy weekend, where we faced scorching heat and humidity on day 1, crazy winds on day 2, and tons of dust.

I did alright, though my left ankle kept acting up.  After each run leg, I limped back to our HQ tent.  The short sleep breaks between legs helped me recover, and I could feel my feet regenerating and muscles relaxing.  We had an injury in our already small team, so we recruited some people to cover the legs.  When no one else could, my friend and I did the last miles together. I ended up running a total of 37 miles—not bad.

A highlight of this weekend was witnessing the breathtaking anular solar eclipse during our last leg with special glasses provided by the race.  The best part, besides finishing, was the camaraderie and the true spirit of teamwork.