Rattler 50k

Yesterday, I ran the Austin Rattler 50k and absolutely enjoyed it!  The course is pretty runnable, offers breathtaking views, and throws in some challenging terrain.  There are plenty of large boulders, but I managed to power-hike over them.  I finished in 7:27, which isn’t an overall PR, but it’s a personal best for a 50k in Texas!  Given the rocky terrain and my troublesome left foot/ankle, I’m thrilled with my time. 

I might not be the fastest runner, but I rely on my endurance and determination for ultra trail races. The cool thing about this 50k trail race is that all finishers get a coin which allows them to enter the Leadville 100 lottery. Even though it’s a long shot, and Leadville is like a dream, it’s still a cool race. I’d definitely do the Rattler race again.