Snow Peaks & Strides: Conquering a Skyrace in a Winter Wonderland

The Broken Arrow Skyrace 46k was held last Saturday June 17th, with a variety of distances and races.  It was located in Palisades Tahoe (the Olympic Valley / Sqaw Valley Ski Resort).

Heading into this race, a whirlwind of anticipation and eagerness took over. While 2017 saw me conquer a shorter version of this race, this year presented a thrilling challenge – not one, but two loops, blanketed in snow! I came with memories of my first snowy run and prepared to beat those cutoff times.

Nutrition was my secret weapon. Armed with my trusted spring energy, tailwind, and BASE active recovery and red pills, I also had a backup plan – the incredibly stocked aid stations. Kudos to the fabulous volunteers! Their assortment of refreshments was spot-on. And who can forget that quirky whiskey touch at the last station? A touching tribute to a fellow runner’s tradition.

Navigating 80% of the course under snow, scaling mountains, sliding down their faces, and even climbing rocks and ladders made this the most challenging course I’ve taken on. But as the snow crunched beneath my feet, I found my rhythm, especially during that second loop, mastering the art of running with my trusty trekking poles.

There was a brief moment when the looming cutoff had me worried. I took it as an opportunity to capture some scenic shots, including a mesmerizing waterfall. But, lo and behold, I reached the next aid station with 20 minutes to spare! Another runner back in Bay Area, who was volunteering, was at the aid station, I was chatting her up, but she ensured I left the aid station ASAP. The sweeper then caught up with me with just 2 miles to go. Running alongside him, I dashed across the finish line with a mere 5 minutes left on the clock!

This race was more than just a physical test. It taught me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of meticulous nutrition planning. Onward to the next adventure!