Running Through Spider Mountain’s Moonlit Trails

Embracing the words of Ron Rook: “I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days,” Last Saturday May 13th, I found myself amid the dense trails of Spider Mountain for a 12-hour evening trail race. Beginning from 7pm on a Saturday and stretching all the way to sunrise on Sunday, this trail run was both exhilarating and daunting.

The course’s challenging 4-mile loops, which I hiked repeatedly throughout the night, bore testament to the rain the day before. Every step on the wet, muddy trails was a delicate dance, with the humidity of the evening intensifying the challenge. Yet, nature was not without its mercy; occasional cool breezes provided respite, especially after the grueling uphill climbs.

My two other crazy friends and I, with a shared love for the challenging hills, ventured together throughout the night. Their patience was evident as they often awaited my cautious descent down the slippery inclines. Although I had my trekking poles, the trails remained treacherous.

Nutrition during this race worked well. It was practice for my A-race, which is Broken Arrow, in June. I drank and ate my snacks at the right times. I didn’t have any cramping troubles, then again it was an evening race. We stopped a few times for pictures, but that was part of the fun of participating in such races. As the sun went up, we were close to finishing, and we all crossed the finish line together.

This adventure was a welcomed relief to a particularly stressful work week. As we ascended and descended Spider Mountain under the canopy of stars, I was reminded of the blessings I’ve received. Gratitude washed over me – for friends who embark on such thrilling escapades with me, and for the divine grace of GOD that allows me to passionately pursue my interests. Indeed, He is my Cornerstone. Whether I’m running or hiking, these experiences truly invigorate and enrich my life.