Desert Training

I had an awesome 20-mile training run in the desert today!  I know in order for me to complete Javelina, I need to train in the desert.  My sister lives in Las Vegas, so I visited her this weekend, and ran with her trail friends (now my friends too, sort of).  We had a zombie run start at 5 am, before it got too hot.  The trail running community in Vegas is wonderful.  We had a fairly large group, and some had parked their cars in some trailheads so we have aid stations.  People were from different paces so we broke into smaller groups based on our pace.  I’m glad they waited for me because I do not know these trails at all!  After the run we had brunch and drinks at the nearby café.  Trail runners are very nice everywhere and anywhere.  #sundogrunning #jointhephenomenon #ultrarunning #javelinajundred training under way!