Why do I want to run a hundred miles?

People think I am crazy when I run my ultra-races, my colleagues and non-runner friends do not understand why I do this.  I run because it gives me time to reflect and listen to my thoughts, especially when I run alone.  It also helps me connect with like-minded people when I run in a group, where we share stories whether it is about running or a non-workout story.

Then people ask, why run 100 miles?  Well, it is a challenge.  I keep on challenging myself to see how far my body will last, while still taking care and not getting injured.  It is the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Some of the quotes I read and heard from people who run 100 miles are very inspiring, so I am writing it here to read it again later, as it also applied to me:

I commit, I won’t quit.

I want the challenge.

The uncertainty of the unknown.

Anything and everything can, and will, happen.




The outcome is far from given.

Things can go wrong.  How will your body respond?

Do your best to stay present.  Do the best you can.

If things are just handed to us, life wont be interesting.

If it gets to a point where it is not easy, find something internally to overcome a challenge, and it is more rewarding to continue than to quit.

Step outside what is familiar and comfortable.