Skyline to the sea marathon – last long run before Javelina!

I signed up for Skyline to the Sea Marathon because 1) it is simply beautiful down at Saratoga gap, Big Basin and all the way down to the beach, and 2) I needed my last long training run/race before Javelina. It was a hot day but most of the course was shaded with trees, so this helped (although I needed this heat training). I practiced some descents, still can’t go fast but this course is a good downhill practice.  I’m faster climbing than descending, definitely. I think it is more of the fear and confidence going down steep technical descents. I’m afraid to fall or twist my ankle.  Around 2 miles into the race, I slightly twisted my ankle.  It was a single track and we were on a ‘train’ of runners going a decent pace.  I pulled to the side, let everyone pass, then walked it off… and luckily recovered.  Near the end, I ran a 10:30 pace from miles 21 to 23 because it’s runnable and I knew I would be walking the final downhill to the finish. I was feeling good as I helped another runner by sharing my Base salt because he was cramping and stopped at the side of the trail, stretching out. I was making friends along the trails, chatting and seeing the same people from the last trail marathon race.  Overall, the run went well, good heat training and good training miles ran.  Now if only I can feel this good in 3 weeks… Thank you PCTR and Greg and Jenny, and to all the volunteers, for another great race!