Podium Swim Workout – 2000 yds 3/24/10

I finally am getting used to this again.  We warmed for for 200 yds, then did 50 free/ 50 long axis drill (i.e., swimming 3 strokes free then flipping and 3 strokes back) for 300.  Then, we did a cool drill to practice drafting – 400 (there were 4 of us in our lane) where each 100, a different person leads the pack.  When I led, we were very slow – but that’s my pace.  But when I was the last person, it felt good drafting, I didnt get too tired and was jsut following the splashes of the guy in front of me.  I felt good after the workout, still building my swim endurance.

Ok getting out of the water – I told everyone to go ahead because I usually crawl out.  So one guy who got out of the water helped me out by pulling my up from the pool.  I dont think I’m ever going to get out of the pool by pushing myself up.