Swim/Run workout – 3/27/10

Today is the first time in 6 months that I got out into the open water to swim.  The Triclub had a beginners open water swim workout at the Coyote Point in San Mateo – near the SFO Airport I might add, we could see planes flying over us. 

We swam from one pole to the other – that was 500 m.  Then the second time, I swam only 250 m since I came back in about half-way to the end pole.  I was tired.  I think even if there were no waves, I still am not comfortable in the open water. 

After the swim, a few of us went for a run – we did 23 minutes total running.  I felt good during the run, but I’m not sure what the pace was, surely not slow because the guy I ended up running with was tall and had long strides.  There were some hills, too, in that park.

Overall, I am happy with today’s workout.  It’s good to be back!