Getting ready for RNR Marathon San Diego – on June 6th

I flew down to L.A. last night from SFO, and I am here right now at my sister’s place.  We are getting ready to drive down to San Diego, then we run the RNR SD Marathon on Sunday.  I think I’ve trained with the minimum training required, but I’m hoping for a miracle on Sunday.  I did the distance, I’ve cross-trained with swimming and 2 bike rides, and ran 4-6 miles occasionally both at lunch at work, after work, or in the weekends.  So we shall see how it goes on Sunday.  One thing for sure I will change for this race is use the Gu Chomps (like gummy squares) instead of the Clif Shot, and will take in lots/sufficient water.

I haven’t logged in a race report in a while, since Vineman Showdown sprint tri last April.  Since then, I’ve done La Jolla half marathon (April 25th) and Redwood Park 30k Trail Run (May 9th).   Since then, I’ve also done my training which includes – running 13-15 miles, swimming (both lap swimming, and open water swims a Coyote Pointe and Santa Cruz beach), and a couple of bike rides on Canada Road (15 miles each time).

Looking forward to RNR SD on Sunday!