RNR San Diego Marathon – June 6th

The race was ok.  The new course had some pretty cool sceneries – the full ran through Petco Park, where the Padres play baseball.  We also ran by the Bay in downtown.  We also ran inside Balboa Park, and through the Pan-America Plaza with all the museums.  Then we ran in Fiesta Island, through the Boy Scouts Camp grounds.  Then finished at the parking lot of Sea World.

The day started out cloudy, hot and humid.  When I started running, after 10 minutes, I was sweating profusely.  There were a LOT of people!  When the half marathoners finally separated from us at mile 4, the crowd of runners got smaller, more mangeable.  It was a nice 5 or so miles, running with fewer people around me.  Then suddenly, as we merged onto the 163 fwy, thes slow-poke walker half-marathoners merged with us, and occupied almost the full freeway, and the sides.  I wanted to run on the outer sides since that is more flat and the freeway is a slanted road.  But couldnt do it, the half marathoners were so ANNOYING!  At this point, at the top of the hill, the sun started to take a peak out of the clouds.  It didnt matter, I was already sweating profusely.  After mile 13, I felt a really discomforting rubbing near my left armpit – I was chafing, my arm against my shirt.  I tried to lift my left arm whike running.  I started walking, then I saw Myrna (Czaplicki, from St. Bernard), she was running the half.  We talked and walked for a little bit, then I found an aid station with Vaseline so I headed their way to get some Vaseline for my chafing.  I lost Myrna after that…

The chafin was getting annoying, and so is the sun and some of the half marathoners.  I took my shirt off finally, so to not chafe anymore.  Ahh, a relief.  I ran with my sports bra.  Now I’m sporting a totally Lululemon outfit – sports bra and running skirt!

When I finally got to Mission Bay, at this point, I really needed to use the bathroom, so I went and lined up in one of the real bathrooms in Mission Bay – that was about 5 minutes wasted in line.  After pee-ing, I finally was moving forward, but was not looking forward to the run around Fiest Island.  Getting to Fiesta Island was brutal.  Running around Fiesta Island seemed like eternity.  When I finally got off the Island, I was lookoing forward to the finish line.  That pathway seemed like the narrowest pathway ever, and the people / crowd cheering us one were making the running pathway more narrow.  I’m sure they had all good intentions to cheer us on, but manm give us some space! 

Finally when I saw the finish line, I thought, my suffering is over.

Distance  MAR



 Clock Time 5:48:27



 Chip Time 5:35:39 



 5 Km 30:08



 10 Km 1:00:45



 7.4 Mi 1:13:24



 Half 2:21:46



 14.5 Mi 2:40:45



 20.5 M 4:09:05

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