1/2/12 – The serious training begins for AR50!

There are approx 14 weeks till AR50.  I have done endurance and base training the past 3 months, without tracking those training days.  Beginning this week, I am tracking my mileage, nutrition, and all other training/workouts.  I have finally put together my 50 mile training schedule for the next 14 weeks, and will record actual workouts I do, to compare it to the scheduled training.  I have read several different ultra training programs, and combined those that would fit my training.  This training schedule is a guide; I will still listen to my body, and will adjust accordingly if circumstances change or injuries happen.  I will do my best to stick to the schedule or at least get the most mileage I can do.  No FunMinel, no more happy hour, drinking, too much eating till after April 7th!  Let’s do this!