AR50 training update

I signed up for AR50 back in Sept 2011, and since then I have been logging all other activities I’ve done as my training for AR50.  I log my training via, it is easy with Garmin (although I recently lost my Garmin ANT thumb drive, so I’ve been manually uploading my training runs and other workouts). 

I reviewed my training log from Sept to date and found the following, which is interesting:

Total mileage runs:

Sept = 101.17 (I was excited, I just signed up, so I was running a lot)

Oct = 59.46 (It was my birthday month, I was taking a break, going out)

Nov = 74.77 (I forgot I had a marathon in Dec., had to ramp up mileage)

Dec = 73.56 (1 Marathon + 2 halfs then training runs)

thru Jan 26 = 125 (I have to ramp up my training since AR50 is coming up)

Total mileage to date = 433.96 (in approx 5 months)

When I look back, compared to other ultra training schedule, I’m pretty low with my mileage at this point.  I have a little over 2 months to pick it up, without getting injured.  I think I will end up with at least 150 miles this January, and I’m expecting to be up to 200-230 miles in each month of Feb and March.  Yikes!