Rock ‘n Roll San Jose Half Marathon

Rock n Roll San Jose


This is my first half marathon PR under two hours!  I finally made it to 1:59, after four years or so of trying!  I was running an average 8:40 pace till mile 9, following two guys who appear to be triathletes (they were wearing some race shirt from a triathlon, not sure which one).  After mile 9, the blisters at the bottom of my feet started to hurt, and I started feeling a burning sensation.  Maybe I was running too fast that my shoes are burning!  Haha!  I continued, slowed down a bit, but at mile 10, I figured even if I did a 10 minute pace till the finish, I would still finish under 2, but with just seconds to spare.  I hustled and endured the pain till I crossed the finish.  How do you get tougher soles on your feet?