Training run and mishap!

Today, I ran with Claudia, up PG&E and Black Mtn. This was my opportunity to practice downhill running, so I tried my best to run quickly but carefully going downhill. On the way down, after Black Mtn but before the bottom, 8 miles into a 13 mile run, I fell to the ground. I tripped on some roots and rocks, and slid a short distance, and scraped my knees and one elbow. My left wrist also had a few scratches. My left wrist hurts, it feels sore but doesn’t feel like anything is broken, just sore from the fall. My knees will never be the same.

Update the week after the run: This whole week after the fall, my knees hurt so bad, it is difficult to walk. When standing up after sitting for a while, it feels like pain goes straight to the knees which make it difficult to walk. It doesn’t feel like anything inside is broken, just feels like it is on the surface but the nerves are feeling it. Update after healing: It took 3 weeks for those knees to heal and I’m up and running again!