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Down By The River – Overlook 100k

I think a lot of the ultra-runners, at least those in my level (or maybe even the fast ones), might be a little crazy.  Yesterday, I attempted to run my first 100k distance trail race, called Overlook 100k.  This race is located in Auburn, California, and follows some of the Western States trails and the

Training run and mishap!

Today, I ran with Claudia, up PG&E and Black Mtn. This was my opportunity to practice downhill running, so I tried my best to run quickly but carefully going downhill. On the way down, after Black Mtn but before the bottom, 8 miles into a 13 mile run, I fell to the ground. I tripped on some

First Ultra – Santa Cruz Trail Run 50k – 8/4/12

This summer, I am determined to officially do an ultra run. I went to Santa Cruz and ran one of the Inside Trail running races. I like this trail running group, they are very friendly people. I started off the run with Dwight Brown, but then he was too fast for me so I only ran