12 mile training run – 4/10/10

I planned to ride this morning approx 15 miles, but when I got out at 9am, it was drizzling then seemed like it got harder, so I bailed out of cycling.  I was already at the route also, but I am just not confident enough on the bike to ride in drizzling rain and windy conditions.

So, instead, I did my 12 mile run, which I am supposed to do tomorrow but did it today.  The route was RWC / San Carlos, around the neighborhood (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=3489041 – minus 1 mile, I returned sooner than my planned route).  The beginning was a hill going up Farm Hill Road, then back down.  The second part has a slight hill up Alameda to San Carlos.

There was no pain on my foot, but it took probably 4 miles before I warmed up, and at that point I was already climbing the hill.  My shoes did feel like I’m already touching the ground when running, but then again, I want to also buy those Vibram Five Fingers and train in those – like barefoot running.  I think I still need a new pair of running shoes though.

Tomorrow may be a swim day but if it is raining hard, then I might just go do a spin class.  It’s seven more days till my sprint triathlon!

Total distance = 12 miles (approx 11 min pace)

Total time = 2:13

HR = 164 avg bpm