Training for week-ending 2/10/13

I keep on ending my weeks on a Sunday, but on my training calendar, I count Sunday as the first day of the week.  It is just much easier to quantify my mileage by counting 2 consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday on the same week, making Sunday the last day, so I continued to do it this way.

For this week, training started with a 60 minute Pilates mat class on Monday, Track workout on Tuesday, where I ran a total of 3.5 miles, 60 minute spin class on Thursday, then dreadmill running for 3.5 miles on Friday.  On Saturday, I planned on running longer distance, but unfortunately, my TV-watching habit took over me.  I was watching a marathon of The Walking Dead, a TV series about a disease that infected the United States, which turned the dead into walking beings that bite and eat living beings.  Basically, it is a Zombie TV series.  I digress… I took a break from the Zombie-TV watching and went to the gym for a Pilates mat class.  I got to the gym early so I was able to run 2 miles before class.  At Pilates classes, I do my best to follow the routine, however, I cannot always do it correctly, or like a level 3 type of person.

Sunday comes along, and I did not succumb to Zombie watching.  Instead I went out for my long run at Rancho, with Claudia, Dwight, and Amy.  We ran up High Meadows (instead of PG&E) to the top by the bench; then we continued to go up Black Mountain.  Coming down from Black Mountain, I thought, this is the first time I went back since my downhill fall last year.  This time, I was really paying attention to the ground, which actually slows me down.  At this point, I have to be extra careful and not get into any stupid accidents.  My Sunday training end with 17 miles total, with approximately 3,000 feet total elevation gain, per Amy’s Garmin.  Not bad for a week’s worth of training!  Less than 2 more months till AR 50!