Training for week-ending 2/3/13

For this week, I went to Podium (lap) swim on Wednesday, completing about 1500 yards total.  We timed our 100 yds again this week.  Two weeks ago, my 100 yds were: 2:18, 2:25, 2:30, 2:37.  This past Wednesday, surprisingly, my 100s were as follows:  2:09, 2:18, 2:25, 2:29.  I’m improving, but what I have learned is I get tired easily.  I don’t think I know how to swim and pace myself.

On Friday, I really wanted to go out for a run, but ended up running 5 miles on the dread-mill at the gym.  I didn’t know that, to use my Nike+ indoors, I have to be holding the phone (where I had Nike+ app) while running.  For the first 2 miles, it was sitting on the treadmill, so my total Nike+ time was only 3 miles or so.

To end the week’s training, I ran up PG&E at Rancho San Antonio.  It felt good, even if it was really hard going uphill.  I practiced what I have learned from the hill training clinic last January – both running uphill and descending runs.  It was another light week this week, but I will make it up this February and March.