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Getting this Monkey Off My Back – A Journey to Auburn, CA: Minel 2, Hills 1

This is a story of a slow-pace marathon runner (finishes a marathon in 5 hours, on average, lately), who strives to be an ultra-runner. The hills got a point in this story, because last year they won over me, so I had to carry over that one.  They won because I allowed them to win

American River Endurance Run 2013 [Photo Blog]

I know that if I write my race report it would be long! So, to save you some time, here it is — my AR50 Race report in a photo diary (click on the photo for a larger version). Enjoy! At AR50 last year (2012), I was defeated by the hills of Auburn, and did

The Serious Training Begins! (Training for AR50)

Today, it is 3 months till that big race that I have to do again, because I failed to complete it last year. Yes, it is the American River 50 mile run.  To other ultra runners, this is probably just another race for them.  To me, this IS the race of the year.   (Okay, to