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Success Through Failure

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.  That proverb was popularized by W.E. Hickson, an 18th century British writer.  He probably knew that the feeling of success was worth repeated failure.  Many successful people have failed.  They failed many times before getting it right.  Despite the bad things that failure may bring,

To Tri or Not to Tri?

Today, August 3rd, 2015, the registration for volunteering at the Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) in November 2015, opened up.  Why is this so important?  This is a very popular full distance Ironman and sells out quickly just to volunteers.  This means that if I volunteer this year, then I get a first chance to register for

Training for Week-ending 3/17/13

This is a late post, I haven’t had time to update my training log but I have to do it so I can compare to last year’s training. Monday – Forced rest.  I’m not injured, but I had to spend time with Andy and do his activities.  Sometimes, in order to get agreement from your

Mr. Oatmeal and his 50 mile run

I just had to share this blog, from this guy who calls himself Mr. Oatmeal (his real name is Matthew Inman, I had to google him).  I have never heard of him till now, but apparently he created this website (in 2009) where he features comic drawings and writes blogs about anything and everything. He

Can I tri again? Will I tri again?

I have been running a LOT lately, but have not been doing any triathlons at all, probably since 2010(?).  I have not swam, well, maybe I did a few pool swims… I have not been on my bike forever.  Now that I have been living in the Bay Area for a couple of years, I have made