Yeti 24 Hour Ultra Challenge – 50-mile Edition

I finally finished the Yeti 50 mile challenge, part of the Yeti ultra 24-hour challenge series. For this one, I ran 8.35 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours.  Even if I have done ultras and 50 mile races before, it was still daunting, but I did it.  3 of the runs were on the treadmill because they were in the middle of the night.  My pace started getting slower on the later runs.  But it got done, just in time before the challenge ended, which was October 31, on Halloween night.
Back in April, when this pandemic started, I completed the Yeti 24 hour challenge, where we ran 5 miles every 4 hours, for 24 hours.  It was a great way to keep up with ultra running, and testing my abilities to run-rest-eat-sleep and repeat.  When I saw this next challenge, I signed up because I wanted to continue with my training, and challenges keep me going.   We have been busy – well me with work, and the family with life activities, and packing then moving from CA to TX – so I did not get to complete this challenge until October.
I started at 8pm Friday, October 30th, and my last run started at 4 pm Saturday, October 31st. It was hard; the longest run I have done in the last 4 weeks was 11 miles.  I do not recommended a novice or beginner runner doing this, maybe not even someone experienced, as there are risks of injury.  I was relying on my past experience and long runs that I have done 2 months ago before leaving California.  With grit, determination, and just wanting to get it done, I pulled through, even if had to walk.  In some of these runs, I did loops in the neighborhood, and stopped by home to pick up my dog, who ran/ walked with me and kept me company for a few miles.  My husband even joined us in one of them.  Along the way, I received virtual cheers and cowbells from friends.  Those were helpful during the hot and humid afternoon hours, when I just wanted to be done and stop.
Needless to say, I finished the challenge just in time before the challenge ended. Total 50 miles.