Hill Training Run – with SVTC – 4/6/10

Ok this one kinda kick my butt!  The other runners were so fast and we had to come up and down the hill – 6 times!  So I was forced to run fast in the beginning, then I slowed down a little.  The group spread out after a couple sets, since we had 1 minute rest in between each set.

Warm up 200m

Set at 5k pace:

6 x 800 (gradual hill [400 RT] to steep hill [400 RT])

4 x 400 (flat cool down)

1 minute rest in between

~ 4 miles total

~43:56 total time –> or 33:56 total run time (excludes rest of 1 minute each)

~ 8:28 pace!  Nice!  Is that correct?  The 1 minute rests must work!  Ok I may have taken less than a minute rest on some of them, maybe 30 seconds only but it still works!  If only I can keep that pace…

Unfortunately, I missed my swim workout tonight because I had a dentist appointment late this afternoon that went on for a while…