Do or die! This is it! – 9/1/11

Eight years later, after participating in 30 marathons, over 40 half marathons, roughly more than 5 trail races, over 10 sprint/oly triathlons, and a bunch of short runs (5k/10k)…. (let me catch my breath)… I am embarking on another challenge:  the ultra runs!

Today, I registered for my first ultra run, the American River 50 mile run.  Can I do it?  I will most certainly try!

Why I am doing this:  I’ve ran so many marathons and half marathons, and those 26.2 and 13.1 mile distances have been too easy.  I don’t mean that I run them too easy, don’t get me wrong.  I suffer sometimes on these races. Since I have been doing this for so long, I get complacent and think that I can do anything even without training.  So for half of those races I’ve mentioned earlier, I have not trained at all, and thus I’ve not done too well.   So I figured, running a longer distance will motivate me to train better, eat better, and become better, stronger, faster.  In addition, after running this 50 mile distance, I should be ready to do a half Ironman triathlon (the 70.3 distance) and then perhaps my dream of doing at least one full Ironman triathlon (the 140.6?).

I have another cause for this run.  I will be running this race in memory of my dear friend and big brother, Herman Atienza.  This will be a race added to Team Herman 2012.  We will raise funds for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer, so join me as we help eradicate this disease.

So folks, keep me honest and remind me to train!  Check in with me to see if I am training.  Wake me up if I am not.  Then, if you are in the Sacramento area, on April 7, 2012, come out and try to watch me race!  You have all 13 hours to try to find me on the race course.  If you want to be on my crew (which I will start to recruit some people for this), please email me directly or call my cell phone, if you have it.

Happy Training!