Training for week ending 1/13/13

This week, I incorporated strength and core training with my running (Pilates, Spin class and TRX, all 60 minutes each class).  As a result, when I ran yesterday, my whole upper body was sore.  I guess I have to train those other muscles to work harder again.

I missed my training run for today (Sunday 1/13), and instead spent the time to really learn some techniques.  I especially needed help on downhill running.  So for today, I attended a hill running clinic.

The coach at the clinic I attended is Tim Long, he is one funny guy.   The clinic was held at Tennessee Valley trail right near Sausalito / Mill Valley.  It’s a beautiful area, last year I ran a half marathon race around that area.  Going into this clinic, I was a bit skeptic.  I didn’t know this guy (the coach), but then again I am new to trails so I am still learning about all these people in the trail and ultra-running world.  I wasn’t expecting much, and it was only $35 so I thought I’d give it a shot.  It was worth every penny.  Just for the entertainment, you already got your money’s worth.  What’s more important, I learned very valulable techniques in running on hills.  Everything he demonstrated what not to do, I used to do them.  So now, I am excited to get back on the trails and try the more efficient way of running on hills!