Training for Week-ending 1/19/13

This morning, I woke up with a heavy feeling all over me.  My whole body hurts; I had been coughing and had the colds.  I was freezing last night even though we had the space heater turned on all night in the room.  I don’t think it is a fever or the flu (although I do not have a thermometer to measure my body temperature).  I just do not get sick too often so when I do, it feels really bad.  Hopefully this thing, whatever it is, will not last long.  As much as I wanted to get out early this morning, I did not run today at all, I figured I should rest my body so I can get out tomorrow.  Sometimes I just have to know when to say no to running, and listen to my body.  I went outside a couple of times today, just to walk with my dogs around the yard.  It’s a good thing it turned out to be a nice day this afternoon.

This week’s training is still light:  Pilates, track workout and swim workout.  Since I missed my long run today, I have to try to go longer tomorrow.  If I still feel weak, then I will at least go out for short run.

This January has not been the best training month, but I hope to pick up the pace and get into a rhythm by next week (if I am not sick).  People should just stay home if they are sick; no really, you are just being selfish by spreading your germs all over the office.